Skydoor studios started as a small start-up advertising agency, and has since attained some of the most widely talked about commercial contracts in South Dakota. We have changed the face of advertising in the Black Hills area, offering a more professional, Hollywood-style look to each of our projects.  A project that Skydoor Studios would create, either commercial or film project, requires a film crew who can rise to such a challenge. There are key positions that must be utilized specifically for their specialized expertise, these positions comprise the main management that creates the film crew. Working together, the management crew ensures the project meets each of its requirements, from concept to completion, both on budget and on time with minimal complications.  These management crew positions are comprised of members of the Skydoor team.

Our Story

Skydoor Studios utilizes a filming methodology, techniques and equipment to bring the nature and wonderment of film directly to the consumer or film patron, creating an immerse experience and journey. 

Our cinematographer, Tristan Barnard, has been working on the forefront of film technology both in South Dakota and on multimillion dollar film productions in Los Angeles.  In addition to his work he has often been employed internationally to teach seminars to college students and members of the interested public.  His camera of choice is the Red Dragon.